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Happy July 5th

We won’t be resuming regular weekday NRO posting until Tuesday. We wish you the best for your day–hopefully many of you have off, time with family and friends, etc.

NR World Headquarters is abuzzing with the pieces of the next issue of NRODT coming together. BTW, have you subscribed? The drill is: paper subscriptions include both delivery to your postal mailbox and and access to the digital version (which is available, for instance, this Friday, vs. waiting till next week to give the new issue a first read). but you can also subscribe to the digital version only, saving yourself more paper in your house and some money. Wouldn’t you love to be reading Rob Long, Mark Steyn, Rich Lowry, John J. Miller, John O’Sullivan, Byron York, Ramesh Ponnuru, Andy McCarthy, Rick Brookhiser and more right now? Curled up on your couch or practicing good posture? Consider getting yourself subscribed today.


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