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Hard Question, Hard Saying

One of the early NR writers said something like this: “Sure, so-and-so’s not working for the other side. But if he were, how exactly would his behavior be different?” It might have been Eastman or Burnham. Linda Bridges and I were racking our brains over this yesterday. We couldn’t remember. Perhaps someone else will.

Anyway, I thought of the statement when reading a column by the great Michael Ledeen — who wrote, “As I’ve asked many times, if Obama were determined to weaken America, to favor the cause of our enemies and put our friends and allies at maximum risk, how would those policies differ from the ones he has adopted?”

That is “an hard saying,” to use King James language. I am not confident it’s not true.

P.S. Do you know “Opus One,” the song that begins, “Oh, baby, I’m a-rackin’ my brain, to think of a name”? It was popularized by the Mills Brothers (the greatest pop group in the history of mankind).

P.P.S. This is a fine time to gut our military defenses, isn’t it? I mean, just perfect: Seldom has there been less need for American strength . . .


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