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Harvey Weinstein’s Affection for Gun Violence and the Obamas

Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer who arranged Michelle Obama’s starring role in last night’s Oscars, has been behind more than a few films that may not sit so well with the Obama administration’s recent anti-gun crusade.

For instance, he was the co-executive producer of Pulp Fiction, a college-dorm staple that has been characterized as a little bit violent. 

He was also behind all four Scream movies, a horror tetralogy that seems to have inspired a few copycat killings. One judge said the first was “a very good source to learn how to kill someone.” 

And he helped bring to America the Kill Bill movies, which tend to involve a lot of people getting shot.

He also produced Sin City, which is pretty big on the gun thing, too. 

Weinstein was also executive producer of Chicago, whose main point seems to be that violence is sexy.  

Nothing to see here, guys.


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