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Has Linda’s ACLU Membership Card Arrived Yet?

Linda Chavez crossed the Rubicon on immigration Friday. She presided over a hearing of the immigration subcommittee of Virginia advisory committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (who knew?) inquiring into Prince William County’s efforts to make that jurisdiction less hospitable to illegal aliens. (See coverage here, here, and here, and the coming-events announcement of the hearing is here.) This was a simply another example of the Left trying to use civil-rights law to coerce a local government into backing off from a policy overwhelmingly supported by its electorate. Nor was Linda simply along for the ride — she’s co-chairman of the advisory committee and has openly embraced the tactics of the Left, smearing the elected chairman of the county’s Board of Supervisors as a racist: “Was it the facts that were motivating you, or was it something else?”

What’s next, forced busing? The ERA? And what’s she going to do next November? With Hillary’s newfound opposition to driver’s licenses for illegals, even New York’s junior senator is probably too far to the right on immigration for Linda’s tastes. Maybe Obama’s more to her liking.


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