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Has McCain Lost Michelle Obama Too?

John Heilemann says a sure sign that McCain has “lost his brand” is that Jonathan Alter, Jacob Weisberg and Rchard Cohen are carrying water for the liberal Democrat in the race:

Jonathan Alter, Joe Klein, Richard Cohen, David Ignatius, Jacob Weisberg: all former McCain admirers now turned brutal critics. Equally if not more damaging, the shift has been just as pronounced, if less operatic, among straight-news reporters. Suddenly, McCain is no longer being portrayed as a straight-talking, truth-telling maverick but as a liar, a fraud, and an opportunist with acute anger-management issues.

Mickey Kaus has a nice (too nice) retort. Part of it:

I know Jon Alter. Jon Alter is a friend of mine. He’s very good at what he does–I couldn’t do it. He wrote an excellent book, has a lot to say. But he’s not exactly someone you look to as a political weather vane. Alter is totally for Obama and has been since the beginning of the campaign. If Jon has “turned” brutally against McCain in the final weeks of the campaign that is as predictable as the Giants going into a prevent defense with a two touchdown lead and a minute to go.** … But of course he hasn’t “turned”–missing from Heilemann’s piece is any evidence of Alter favoring McCain at any earlier point in the campaign, let alone evidence of Alter favoring McCain once he was the nominee running against Obama. The same goes, to a lesser extent, for his fellow Chicago Dem (and head of the Slate Group) Jacob Weisberg.

Me: “Nor is it exactly surprising that Klein, Cohen and Ignatius would be on Obama’s side in the end. …” is an awfully bland understatement.


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