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Hatch Celebrates, Liljenquist Vows to Fight On

Last night, Utah Republicans elected 4,000 delegates to next month’s state convention in caucuses across the state. According to most press reports, Senator Orrin Hatch had a good night.

“We do feel it was a very good night,” says Heather Barney, spokeswoman for the Hatch campaign. “We feel very encouraged with the caucus turnout and the people who participated in the early reports.” At the same time, Barney cautions, “We don’t have any hard numbers.”

On the other hand, Holly Richardson, campaign manager for state senator Dan Liljenquist, Hatch’s main challenger, says they’re optimistic. “I think the claims coming from the Hatch campaign are overblown,” she says. So far, the Liljenquist campaign has information on about half the delegates elected last night. Of these delegates, “60 percent are new, and we have a good number of our supporters who were elected last night — and a lot of undecideds.”

Richardson concludes, “We’re very optimistic going into the convention.” The convention is on April 21.


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