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Hatch’s Grab for Your Money

A reader responds to my earlier post thus:

Christian Science treatments are cheap, but it’s hard for me to see how the language of that amendment could distinguish between Christian Science and Scientology “treatments” which could then be reimbursed as well.  And Scientology is not cheap.

Indeed, and it’s not too difficult to see how that language (prohibiting discrimination against “religious and spiritual health care”) could also apply to New Age “healing” or, for that matter, pilgrimages to Lourdes.

Now, for all its innumerable faults the House bill does not include the language being pushed by Hatch and his pals, but if you wanted a reminder of the way that Washington’s increased involvement in health care will inevitably put politics, lobbying, and the whims of powerful politicians ahead of medicine, Orrin Hatch’s squalid, anti-taxpayer, anti-science amendment is a pretty good place to start.

And people wonder why fiscal conservatives distrust the GOP . . .

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