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Lessee here now, the NY Times finds some young folks from flyover country who are just burning to move to A Big City, and no doubt take up eating brie while drinking white wine, listening to NPR & voting straight Democrat ticket via absentee ballot three or four times.

Well, as Gomer Pile would say,  ‘Goh-lee, what a surprise that is!’  I surely did expect the NY Times to find that life in rural, socially

conservative States was just great, and that lots of people there have no intention of moving to a big city full of liberals, criminals

and taxes, yes indeedydo I did.

What will you discover next, that the ‘New Yorker’ mainly writes about urbanites & disdains anyone that lives west of the Hudson (see

famous magazine cover), or that the WaPo mainly writes about urban East Coast types & disdains anyone that lives more than 50 miles

west of the Atlantic (except for blacks & token white ethnics such as the Mennonites, etc. who are ok because they are ‘quaint’)?

I file your latest story under ‘Rabid dog bites man,’ or ‘peanut butter sandwich falls DOWN to kitchen floor rather than up to ceiling,’ ‘water in sink is wet, rather than dry,’ etc. and marvel at your surprise over a totally predictable hit piece in the New Duranty Times.

[Derb]  I’d feel a BIT more sympathy with this reader’s point of view if I hadn’t noticed, at 25-yard intervals along all roads in populated areas of Montana, huge public-service billboards warning, often in extremely grisly terms, of the dangers of crystal meth.


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