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Hate Mail to Treasure

Even though immigration is a heated issue, I don’t get anything like the volume of hate mail that I imagine Jonah, say, or Michelle Malkin gets, just the occasional “the Turks should have finished the job” stuff. But sometimes I get one so demented that it’s truly a classic of the genre. I got one of those the other day from a sender who, for obvious reasons, masked his identity and return address:

You are the perfect moral argument for abortion.  If you were black, you’d be the perfect moral argument for slavery, and if you were Jewish, you’d be the perfect moral argument for Auschwitz.

This takes Dan Aykroyd’s Saturday Night Live crack to Jane Curtin that “if I had been around when your mother was having you, not only would I have paid for the abortion, but I would have performed it myself!” to a whole new level!


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