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Haters Respond in Kind

A reader points to his website :

I know this is a little past the fact, since Alcee

Hastings will not be chairing the House Intelligence

Committee, but considering that the last line of his

statement today was “Sorry, haters, God is not

finished with me yet”, I had to point out that the bio

on his House of Representatives website is


Some excerpts:

“Known to many as “Judge,” Congressman Hastings has

distinguished himself as an attorney, civil rights

activist, judge, and now Member of Congress. Appointed

by President Jimmy Carter in 1979, he became the first

African-American Federal Judge in the state of

Florida, and served in that position for ten years.

Since his election to Congress as the first

African-American from Florida since the Civil War

period. . .

. . .Known throughout the world as an expert in

foreign policy, Hastings has introduced legislation

advocating diplomacy before military action to settle

disputes with established and emerging nations. . .

. . .Congressman Hastings’ honors are too numerous to

name, and they come from all over the country and the

world. His philosophy is simple when it comes to

governing: he firmly believes that progress and change

can be achieved through mutual respect and

appreciation; on the ability of individuals and

communities to see beyond the limits of parochialism;

and on the ability of nations to better understand

each other.



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