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Hating John Bolton

As I’ve mentioned before, I love the Seattle Times for running my syndicated column. My in-box is pretty full from John Bolton-column e-mails, but this one was just too persuasive and enlighted not to share. And you know I wouldn’t if it weren’t characteristic of a lot of what I’m getting (this is more true than you want to know)…

Hello Kathryn :

My name is [DELETED]. I read your article in today’s Seattle Time .

Your article’s headline was —

Bolton’s not the problem , the U.N is the problem!

Well , obviously you are one of the strong supporter of John Bolton! I’m

sure IF that STUPID John Bolton read your article , he can really cry on

your shoulders these days!

OK , Kathryn , let me suggest you something here — since you are such

fan of that extremely UGLY , extremely bullying and extremely STUPID John

Bolton , maybe you should work with John Bolton for a few months , to see

how much you two get along! It seems to me , you two may just make the

perfect working couple! GOOD for you , my dear!

OK , here’s my opinion about that John Bolton — when I first saw John

Bolton’s picture , my

first reaction was —- GOSH , this guy is SO DAMN UGLY!!!!!! And he

looks like A JERK!!!!!!!!!

And the more I know about him , the more I think he’s nothing but A


Oh , Yes , it seems to me , this John Bolton looks like a

world-class JERK! He talks like

a world-class BULLY! And he acts like a world-class FOOL!!!!!!!!! IF I

have to use one word to describe John Bolton , in my very humble opinion ,

this guy is nothing but a piece of GABAGE!!!!

And he’s nothing but A JACK-ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes , Kathryn , I know it hurts your feelings , but that’s just how I

see this John Bolton –

He’s nothing but a world-class LOSER , a piece of JUNK and A


Nothing more and nothing less!!!!

But obviously President Bush and his team LOVE LOSERS and

JUNK!!!!!!!!! I know President Bush always feel very good about himself ,

but Since the Iraq WAR has been such a BLOOD MESS and A REAL DISASTER , and

since President Bush’s job approval rating sank to his ALL TIME LOW in

recent weeks , it seems to me , President Bush himself and his team are A


What’s more — it seems to me , President Bush is more like the

gabage collecter these days!

That’s WHY he picked up that world-class JUNK John Bolton in the first


As I told some friends of mine that , IF people look at Bush’s

administration , you just hard

to find someone there who’s nice , honest , decent and respectable!!!!!!

Yes , as the whole world can see , most of people in Bush’s

administration is BLOOD-thirsty

and WAR-obsessed!!!!!!!!!! That was WHY they kick U,N aside and rush

into the Iraq WAR over 2 years ago because they took the WAR damn

tooooooooooooo easily and casually!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that’s just plain WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well , since John Bolton always hold such a deep contempt on U.N , and

since he once said that , there’s NO such thing as United Nation , I’m sure

alot of people in both U.S and in the rest

of the world must be wondering that — WHY in the world this guy even wants

to take that job

and work in an organizition that shouldn’t even exsits on this planet in the

first place??????!!!!!!!!!

I guess there are only two logical explanations to that question , first

– both President Bush

and John Bolton are extremely STUPID and severely BRAIN-DAMAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second — I don’t think Bush and his team made their decision by mistake!

It seems to me , they

made their choice on purpuse!!!!!! Yes , I believe Bush and his team

picked up John Bolton to be the ambassador to U.N simply because John Bolton

has been extremely hawkish , and simply because John Bolton’s A


Oh , Yes , I believe by sending John Bolton to U.N , Bush and his team

have a clear purpose

–both Bush and John Bolton want to challenge the U.N! And they both want

to show U.N and also the whole world — WHO’S THE BOSS!!!!!!! And WHO’S

RUNNING THE SHOW in today’s world!!!!!!!!!!! That’s WHY Bush and his

team want to send that BULLY John Bolton to U.N!

Because they need someone who can play NOT just tough but DIRTY!!!!! And

most of ALL , they want to boss around NOT just the U.N but the whole


Well , you know something , EVEN IF both Bush and John Bolton did got

what they want someday , IF they think they can really control the U.N and

also the whole world , they better think again!!!!!!!

As we ALL know , over two years ago , when President Bush and U.S

pushed really hard

for that Iraq WAR , U.N said NO to U.S and to THE IRAQ WAR!!!!!!! So even

if that world-class BULLY and JERK John Bolton did got that job , and IF U.S

use ALL of these lies and ALL of these false and DEAD-WRONG intelligence to

rush into another WAR again someday , I believe U.N and most of the

countries in the world would still say NO to the WAR!!!!!!!!!

However , on a second thought , I think maybe this BULLY and JERK

John Bolton should get that job! Since he’s such A JERK AND BULLY ,

especially since he represent Bush administration and the U.S,I think both

U.N and the entire world should see in their own eyes that how extremely

arrogant and how extremely STUPID both Bush and John Bolton really



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