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Have I Wronged Huck?

From a reader, who says he will not be voting for Huckabee

I think you’re misreading Huckabee’s comment…He never said God wants him to win, he merely stated that it wasn’t him who was causing the increase in his voter popularity, but God…And yes, it may well be that God allows Hillary to become President in part so that we can suffer for our own good.  That doesn’t cancel out the idea that God is blessing Huckabee’s fortunes at this point, for His own reasons, whoever wins the nominations or the election. 

Fair enough — although I have heard people talk about Providence, and it seemed different when I watched the video. Probably he meant it that way, it just didn’t come out quite right — at least I thought so.

UPDATE: But maybe it’s my own cultural blindness. From my new Evangelical consultant in Alabama:

We speak differently than you do some of the time.  The way Huckabee answered that question is pretty standard evangelical fare.  We acknowledge God’s involvement in every blessing (“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above,” James 1:17). 

Stuttaford went into a tizzy the other day when Huckabee spoke about having “One Client” rather than “the voters.”  This, too, is pretty standard evange-speak.  Doesn’t mean he’s proposing a theocracy or anything and that YouTube clip didn’t mean he thought he had a mandate from God with regard to the presidency.  That sort of lunacy comes from the Oral Roberts/Pat Robertson types — typically not from Baptists (or Presbyterians or Lutherans or Methodists or, or, or…).


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