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Have Their Pastel and Eat It Too

Given that Romney got 54 percent of the Hispanic vote in Florida, I guess not all Americans of Hispanic origin are obsessed with amnesty. The pro-amnesty crowd started by claiming that Romney would have to “moderate” his immigration positions to win Hispanic voters in Florida, hoping that if Gingrich won a majority, they’d be able to use that as a club. For instance, America’s Voice, the leading open-borders group on the hard left, was rooting for Gingrich; on the 20th, its head said that Romney’s views on immigration have “given Gingrich fertile attack terrain and a chance to close the gap among Latino Republican primary voters in Florida.” But once it became obvious Romney was going to win, not just the overall vote but even among Hispanics, America’s Voice changed its tune, releasing on Monday a statement that might as well have borrowed from Roseanne Roseannadanna and been titled “Never Mind!” — which said that Republican voters in Florida don’t actually care about immigration after all because they’re just Cubans, and we know what they’re like.


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