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‘Have You No Sense of Decency?’

I was just thinking: I’ve had many years to get used to the Left, but, still, I found it hard to read Dan Foster’s post. I guess I’m still not used to them.

As Dan informed us, we have a Salonista railing against Republicans for expressing an “us versus them” mentality. We’re racists, we’re evil, we’re KKK, blah, blah, blah. In the recent campaign — it ended only a few weeks ago — Barack Obama ran an ad saying, “Mitt Romney. Not one of us.”

That was not the implication. That was not what Obama was hinting at. That’s exactly, explicitly what he said in his ad.

I can only ask the Joseph Welch question — the answer to which, I’m afraid, is no.

P.S. You may recall that Bill Bennett once said “a real us-and-them kind of thing” in an interview. It was transcribed as “a real S&M kind of thing.” Which may be more interesting, granted.


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