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The Hayek Revival

The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich A. Hayek isn’t just back on the bestseller list; it’s #1 on Amazon. There is little doubt that the recession and the growth of government explain some of this revival; recessions are good for Ayn Rand, and obviously they’re good for Hayek, too.

This is great news. It’s without a doubt a wonderful book that exposes clearly the dangers of authoritarian regimes. I’m a bit surprised, because, no matter how strongly one feels about Obama and government’s interventions into our lives today, they are quite different from the type of regimes that Hayek describes. That being said, I am still delighted.

Here is Glenn Beck on The Road to Serfdom; George Mason University’s Peter Boettke has written about Beck’s guests on the show:

His guests were Mises Institute scholars Tom Woods and Yuri Maltsev. Both are very engaging public speakers, and Maltsev’s personal story is one of intellectual courage. He is one of the last “defectors” of the Soviet Union, he is an outstanding story-teller, and a wonderful teacher of economics.

Maltsev is a very interesting guy. Go, Hayek, go!


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