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Hazing Arizona

Here’s a new wrinkle on boycotts — California Democrat Joe Baca won’t change planes in Arizona:

Rep. Joe Baca, D-San Bernardino, urged people to follow his lead and avoid traveling or spending their money in Arizona in protest of the state law that makes it a crime to be an illegal immigrant.

Baca said he would no longer fly from Ontario to Washington, D.C., because the flight stops in Phoenix. Instead, he said he will take a nonstop flight from Los Angeles to the nation’s capital.

“I will not fly through Arizona until the law is repealed,” Baca said in a phone interview Monday. “I also encourage people not to travel to Arizona unless they have to. If you have to travel, fuel up in California before you get to Arizona.”

In other news, I’ve seen several tentative efforts at Buy Arizona! or BUYcott Arizona initiatives, which I suspect will be the first of many. If anyone sees anything more organized or extensive, let me know. In the meantime, buy Arizona State products here and a variety of Arizona gift products here.


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