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He Almost Let Her Live

Added details revealed this week in the Terri Schindler Schiavo story:

Michael Schiavo made a last-minute decision to give up on his fight to remove his brain-damaged wife’s feeding tube last year as he was hounded by protesters and getting death threats, but his attorney talked him out of it, Schiavo said in a book about the end-of-life case that drew international attention.

The day before Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed for the last time on March 16, 2005, Schiavo’s longtime fiance, Jodi Centonze, persuaded him “to walk away from Terri,” he said in the book released Monday, titled “Terri: The Truth.” She was worried about the safety of their two children. He called his attorney, George Felos, to deliver the news.

“(Felos) reminded me that we had to realize that it wasn’t just about Terri anymore,” Schiavo wrote. “It was about the rest of the people who didn’t want the government telling us how we could die and when we were allowed to decide that we didn’t want further medical treatment. And it was about who has the right to make decisions between a husband and wife.”

For a reminder who George Felos is, see here.

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