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He May Have Lost a Political Race, But He Can Look His Kids in the Eyes

From Rick Santorum’s “thank you” to supporters:

People have asked me why I talked about unpopular things like the war … the threat from Islamic fascists, from Iran, from North Korea, from Venezuela … in this campaign. They asked, why didn’t you just talk about the projects you delivered or the things that you accomplished?

My answer is that those are the things in the past, and what leaders are supposed to do is to talk about things that our country confronts in the future.

And I did, and I’m very proud of that. I do not rescind a word because those words are words that this country was not receptive to hear tonight. But, they are going to continue to hear those words from me and I assure you from many others as that threat become my clear, and hopefully our country is called to action to stop that threat before it becomes too serious of a threat to the future of our country.

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