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Head Suit Speaks

NR’s publisher Ed Capano is not just a great publisher adept at all suit-related activities (including making Jonah’s life miserable!), but a wonderful sports fan. Here’s his take on the Rush controversy: ”Rich: Rush was right. McNab is definitely overrated but the media loves him for exactly the reason Rush said—they want him to succeed. He is a clone of Randall Cunningham who also played for the Eagles but never was a success because he was a lousy pocket passer, as is McNab. Whenever McNab is confined in the pocket he can’t hit the Queen Mary from 20 yds. He is also in a major media market which is another reason they fawn all over him. Steve McNair, the black quarterback for the Tennessee Titans is a classic pocket passer and is much better than McNab but he doesn’t get the same exposure because he’s in Tennessee. Michael Vick also promises to be a lot better. ESPN hired Rush to be controversial, and they got exactly that. He was doing his job and he was spot on.”


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