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On Health Care, It’s Time for Change

Check out this Dan Foster bit on yesterday’s Fox News poll. Only 12 percent of people support implementing Obamacare as it is; 47 percent want changes; 36 percent want repeal. Among independents, 6 percent want it implemented as it is; 54 percent want changes; 35 percent want repeal. As this debate moves forward, no one will be defending the status quo — liberals will be advocating further government controls like those we are seeing in Massachusetts, conservatives will be advocating reversing course and developing a market-oriented approach. But this debate is still up for grabs.

Meanwhile, how’s this for a sign that this is a center-right country? Sixty-five percent of people support U.S. military action to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Of course, that’s an inchoate sentiment, but it shows the instinct of the public. Fifty-eight percent of Democrats support military action.


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