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Health Mullahs

Why do I call them ‘health mullahs’? Well, because of the way in which they will use any information, however irrelevant, to justify their faith and their fanaticism:

“When the Commons health committee published its reflections on Britain’s obesity epidemic two weeks ago it provoked an immediate media feeding frenzy. The revelation that a three-year-old girl had become the youngest casualty of the epidemic made headlines both here and abroad. It was contained in the second paragraph of the 146-page report and was clearly placed to add drama to the central message that the Government, the food industry and parents had to wake up to the threat.”

Well, this it turns out is the truth about that poor child:

“Then it emerged that the girl was not, after all, a victim of the “obesogenic” environment – one which encourages over-eating and sedentary behaviour. Instead, she had a rare genetic defect which affected the appetite control mechanism located in the hypothalamus in her brain. The result was she had a ravenous appetite immune to the efforts of her parents to control it and unaffected by junk food advertising, school sports policy or government behaviour.”

And then, of course, there’s this charming story:

“Birthday kids at Duxbury’s Chandler School next fall will get dragon stickers, special seat covers and starred birthday sashes they can wear all day.

But no cupcakes – they’re bad for you. The tradition of cupcakes at school birthday parties died last month when the School Committee unanimously ratified a new handbook that redefines the way students celebrate in class.

Words fail me, but, given stern Corner injunctions against profanity, that’s probably just as well.


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