The Corner Not Sending Medicaid Enrollment Data Either

Despite the administration’s insistence that is fixed, states are now warning that they may not process Medicaid enrollments from the site — which could mean that hundreds of thousands of people could be without health insurance even though they thought they had it.

The federal government hasn’t been able to send the states the Medicaid applications for 183,396 people who signed up for the program through the federal health-care exchange through November 2, the Wall Street Journal reports. Last Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services wrote to state health officials to inform them that the function that is supposed to relay that information isn’t ready.

As such, the administration has floated the idea of providing states with incomplete files. According to an official at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the files will still contain enough information to complete the enrollment. If the states are unwilling or unable to process them — as the Journal notes, it’s not clear that the files would meet the states’ standards — low-income Americans could be left without coverage they thought they had.

State officials warned that processing such files would take weeks, divert resources from implementing other portions of the law, and possibly result in erroneous enrollments.  

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