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From the Heart of Haggard Country

The Gazette in Colorado Springs, home to Ted Haggard’s former church and Focus on the Family, has a piece today examining the question of whether evangelicals are losing influence within the Republican Party. Many of the usual suspects are mentioned or interviewed — Jim Wallis, Dick Armey, James Dobson, David Domke — but the answer ends up being a pretty clear no:

Polls taken after the election show that evangelical Christians still backed the GOP in large numbers. On Nov. 7, Republicans pulled 70 percent of the evangelical vote and Democrats collected 28 percent of it. That’s not a major change from 2004.

“People are looking for whether evangelicals left the Republican Party,” Domke said. “The data just doesn’t show that, because they still voted strongly Republican. The bigger story is that mainline Protestants and Catholics left the GOP and voted Democrat.”

John Hood — John Hood is president of the John William Pope Foundation, a Raleigh-based grantmaker that supports public policy organizations, educational institutions, arts and cultural programs, and humanitarian relief in North Carolina ...

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