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Heartbreakingly Infuriating…

…if this is true: 

December 4, 2007 — Rapes among city high-school kids have spiked dramatically, with a 34 percent jump in the number of reported incidents, a shocking new study shows.

The study – based on the latest available statistics and released yesterday by the city Health Department – showed that 7.5 percent of public high-school kids surveyed in 2005 said they had been raped – compared to 5.6 percent in 2001.

“That is a significant increase,” said Cari Olson, head of the agency’s epidemiology unit, adding that the latest figure puts New York City in line with the national average after years of falling beneath that statistic.

And that’s not the only violent statistic on the rise. The number of kids who say they were the victims of violent acts on dates skyrocketed from 6.5 percent in 1999 to 10 percent in 2005, representing a more than 50 percent jump.


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