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Heaven Help Us

Our friend David Bahnsen has written a worthwhile analysis of the consequence of Trump. Here’s a selection from “Stopping the Trump Disgrace”:

Trump is Pat Buchannan and Ross Perot and Michael Savage rolled into one person, given hundreds of millions of daddy’s money, and then rolled into a hyper-charismatic reality TV star. He is a pop culture icon. He is funny. He is memorable. And he now is the frontrunner to be the President of the United States. He is crude, dishonest, and as likely to make American great again as Pat Buchannan and Michael Savage themselves, but he is the frontrunner for the Presidency of the United States. Heaven help us.

And I actually now am saying, “Heaven Help Us”, not in some meaningless or trite context. I mean that quite literally, for those who care about this hijacking of the Republican party, and much worse, the hijacking of the conservative movement some of us care about, need to beg for divine providence to stop the Trump ascendancy. The stakes are that high.


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