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“Heavy Casualties”

From a reader:

Good Lord, I’ve seen so many reports on other news sites regarding how “heavy” our casualties were yesterday, as well as how “casualties are mounting.” Perhaps a little perspective is in order.

Yes, the U.S. has lost 25 good people in the last five days, and each is a huge loss. Knowing that, and keeping in mind that we are engaged in a WAR, invading a country the size of California with approximately 250,000 troops, flying thousands of air missions daily, etc., etc., here is a brief analysis of how our people died:

Marines killed by the enemy in combat on Friday: 1.

Marines killed by the enemy in combat on Saturday: 1.

Marines killed by the enemy during a fake surrender on Sunday: 2. (Not really a “combat loss” in the strictest sense of the word, given the cowardly tactic needed to get the Gyrenes’ guard down).

Marines killed by the enemy in combat on Sunday: 8.

Army POWs executed well after they surrendered (captured on Saturday): 7.

Army maintenance soldier killed during POW capture by enemy dressed as civilian (again, bogus tactics used to trick our folks): 1.

Airborne trooper killed by own (Muslim) subordinate on Saturday (yet again, not a loss due to the ‘enemy’ as that term is being used right now – perhaps after a few more incidents like this we will consider broadening that definition): 1.

Army officer lost in British copter crash on Saturday: 1. Not lost as a result of enemy action.

Marines killed in American copter crash on Friday: 4. Not lost as a result of enemy action.

That’s it. 10 men killed in actual combat five days of incredibly complicated modern mechanized military action involving thousands of artillery rounds being fired, millions of small arms rounds being fired, thousands of sorties being flown by all types of aircraft, thousands of cruise missiles and bombs dropped/fired, and tens of thousands of heavily armed troops moving swiftly across the battlefield. Two thirds of the way to Baghdad already, and fighting against an army of 400,000 men with a couple of thousand tanks and the same in artillery pieces.

Hmmmm, wonder who is winning so far?

Keep up the good work, you and all the NROers!


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