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Heel to the Chief

From a brief interview with its founder, I learned that there’s a Presidential Pet Museum (thankfully, my taxes aren’t paying for it). I’ve never understood the fascination with other people’s animals, but I guess it’s interesting to learn that McKinley had a parrot named “Washington Post” and that John Quincy Adams’s silkworms are counted as “pets.” The AP already asked the current presidential candidates about their pets, and the responses were disappointingly conventional. Instead, here are a few pairings that would have been more interesting:

  • Hillary: a viper (ok, that was too obvious)
  • Edwards: a French poodle
  • Kucinich: a duck-billed platypus
  • McCain: Lindsey Graham

Fearing a tsunami of responses, I’m reluctant to ask for suggestions for others, but if you have a good one, send it along.


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