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Help Still Wanted

A number of readers (particularly desperate college kids) are asking if I’ve filled the position of researcher that I mentioned a while ago. The short answer is I haven’t and if you’re interested you should send info to The reason I haven’t filled the position is that I’m looking to get an office somewhere, preferably at a think tank. Between the baby and working wife (and dog) at home and my need for a disciplined regime to write this book amidst all my other committements, I really want some place I can go to do it (that doesn’t charge me rent). So, if I find a place that has room for me, I may need to arrange whatever research assistance I get through that insititution. If I end up working out of the house, then the whole dynamic changes — in terms of how much (or how little I can pay) and whether the person even needs to be in DC. In case you’re wondering, I’m writing this here so I don’t have to write it 100 times to different emailers.


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