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From a $100 donor: 

I am a loyal NRO reader and Corner enthusiast going back to the days of the 2000 election. It is a privilege and an honor to stand up and support your continuing and unflailing efforts to offer a dose of reality to an unrealistic world. I am fortunate to live in a community where the values and beliefs we share are common, if not predominant, but I am exposed daily at work to otherwise intelligent and learned individuals whose positions and beliefs defy their very intelligence and education. NRO helps me advocate, express and defend my beliefs with reason and without rancor. NRO is a vital voice that we cannot afford to lose. You make a difference every day in the lives of so many.

On a different note, I am surprised National Review apparently has never sponsored an event in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky metropolitan area. I would expect such an event would be well-attended by members of this community. Plus, if you do come to town, I would be happy to introduce you to local favorites such as Montgomery Inn ribs, Graeter’s ice cream, and Cincinnati-style chili (my treat, at least for the chili).

Keeping fighting the good fight. It is worth the effort.

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