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Help Us Meet Our $25,000 Social-Media Outreach Project Goal

As we begin the race to December’s end, we’d like to cap our Webathon with a hard goal for a worthwhile purpose: raising $25,000 to fortify NRO’s social-media outreach.

Over 6 million visitors come to NR every month, and for the sake of the causes we defend and promote, we want that number to be 7 million, 10 million, 20 million. A big part of that growth will be smart social-media efforts, and we are determined to put some financing behind it.

Will you please support this NRO outreach project? When you do, you will be engaging in some very cost-effective means of standing athwart history, clicking SHARE.

Donate here.

By the way, a word from some recent contributors . . .

Jeffrey K just plopped a hundred bucks into our lap and added “Thank you. Your writers are consistently brilliant and witty and always informative.” Always is right. Thanks, JK!

With his $25 contribution Mark M offers glad tidings and warm wishes: “Thank you Mr. Williamson, Dr. Sowell, and, of course, VDH. Be well this Christmas holiday.” Back at ya, Double M.

And finally, more figgy pudding-time wishes, here from Paul K, another $100 benefactor: “Thanks for some of the greatest voices of sanity left in this zoo, especially Jonah and Jim who actually make my inbox useful. Thanks also to the staff that brings them to us. Merry Christmas.”

Thanks to you too, Paul, and to all who have helped NR these last few weeks and these last few decades. Again, please donate here.

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