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Here are the scofflaws the WSJ would defend

No doubt in my mind the editors of NR will crush the boys from the WSJ if they agree to the debate.

For what it’s worth, here’s some ammo for the NR team:  The WSJ editors say we conservatives want to “harass” businesses for hiring illegal aliens.  Well, who is it that WSJ wants to protect from such “harassment”?  This report [pdf versionhtml version) from the inspector general of the Social Security Administration (SSA) puts it in perspective: One Illinois employer—whom the government has identified but won’t hold accountable or publicly name—filed with the Internal Revenue Service 131,991 bad W-2s, on which the name and Social Security Number did not match, and which the SSA, even after some investigation, could not attribute to any known legal worker in the United States. These 131,191 bad W-2s most likely represent illegal aliens hired by this Illinois employer.  The same inspector-general report reveals that a California security-guard company filed 4,321 of these “non-match” W-2s and that a state government agency ranked among the Top 100 employers in the country for filing “non-match” W-2s.

The managers of these entities no more deserve to be defended from the just actions of federal law enforcement than the managers of Enron.