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Here Comes Al

Where has Al Gore been during this campaign?  Mostly out of sight — until next Thursday, when Gore, sponsored by, will give a speech in Washington in which he will offer “a path to solve” the problems of the war in Iraq, the price of gas, and global warming.  From Moveon:

Al Gore has helped awaken our nation to the climate crisis. But gas prices and the war in Iraq still dominate the national attention. We all know these things are related. So who’s connecting the dots? Who’s offering big solutions?

If anyone can, Al Gore can. In this speech, he’s expected to issue an unprecedented challenge to political leaders and entrepreneurs. He’ll connect the dots between gas prices, the war in Iraq, and climate change. And he’ll offer a path to solve these problems and create American prosperity.

This is a major, important speech you won’t want to miss!

Byron York is is the author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

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