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The long-awaited Jay Nordlinger collection is in, ready to be autographed, inscribed, bubble-wrapped and shipped. At 500-plus pages this handsome hardcover is too big to fit in a stocking (unless you live with Sasquatch), but it will fit perfectly under the Christmas tree. It’s a great gift – you simply must order Here, There & Everywhere (securely and exclusively from the NRO Bookstore). Here’s some deserved praise for Jay and his delightful tome:

PAUL JOHNSON: Jay Nordlinger is one of America’s most versatile and pungent writers. He is at home in geopolitics and sociology, in sport and music and literature, and to all these topics he brings an inquiring mind, deep knowledge, and an engaging style. This collection shows him at his wide-ranging best.”

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Jay Nordlinger is a Renaissance man, and this book proves it. It’s witty, grabbing, and fun. Nordlinger tackles an array of issues, big and small, with rare humor and insight. He also says nice things about me – which counts for a lot. I couldn’t put it down.


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Olympic dreams, &c.

Olympic dreams, &c.

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