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Here, There, KY Is Everywhere

An e-mail:

Regarding your post “Commercial Bliss” at the Corner, after reading it I was reminded of how bizarre I thought it that KY is explicitly referenced on the TSA website as an approved carry-on item.

  • Baby formula, breast milk, and juice for infants and toddlers.
  • All prescription and over-the-counter medications (liquids, gels, and aerosols) including KY jelly, eye drops, and saline solution for medical purposes;
  • Liquids including water, juice, or liquid nutrition or gels for passengers with a disability or medical condition;
  • Life-support and life-sustaining liquids such as bone marrow, blood products, and transplant organs;
  • Items used to augment the body for medical or cosmetic reasons such as mastectomy products, prosthetic breasts, bras or shells containing gels, saline solution, or other liquids; and,
  • Frozen gels/liquids are permitted if required to cool medical and infant/child exemptions. Frozen gels/liquids for any other purpose are not permitted.

That’s a whole different kind of homeland security.


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