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Here We Go Again…

I thought at first that this reader must be John Hood:

Jonah,   The ideological morass Conservatives is in was highlighted in you article when you intimated that Pelosi might want cats to give orders to dogs.   See, that is Conservatism’s problem, Some conservatives don’t like individualistic, libertarian cats and prefer collectivistic, highly structured, organizational canines.  Remember, it was dogs who patrolled the Iron Curtain and were pals with dictators like Hitler.  Cats would have used the posts of those iron curtain fences as scratching posts, would have used the raked “no man’s land between the fences as a litter box, and would have preformed impromptu plastic surgery on Hitler with their claws if old Adolph get on a rag while holding them.   Cats are conservatives.   Sincerely,   [Name withheld]

  PS I hope you will be going to the GOP national convention in September.  I’m an Arizona delegate and I’m hoping to meet some of the NR crowd. 


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