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Here’s a Crazy Idea

Could McCain run an ad over the next week in which he speaks straight to camera in a conversational style:

“My friends, I bet you’re even more tired than I am of all these political ads. I’m sorry it’s necessary but that’s how the game is played. But, speaking of games, have you heard the latest? Barack Obam — you may have heard of him — has spent more money  on TV commercials in the last 60 days  than anyone in history.  Now he wants to buy a half-hour long commercial on every major TV network. Fine, it’s his money. But he actually wants to force the delay of game six of the World Series just so we can hear him talk for 30 more minutes. In America, we used to have a rule that politics ended at the water’s edge. Sadly, that’s gone now. But politics must end somewhere, and game six is where I think we should take our stand.”

Probably way too cute. But it’s kind of fun to think about.


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