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Here’s a Fun One

“Ryan” writes:

I don’t know why Mens New Daily has a link to your site or whatever you are. Your scrawl, “What’s Wrong with the Arab World” is such an arrogant, ethnocentric piece of garbage it makes me want to puke. Not wanting to waste any more of my time than is necessary to illustrate your idiocy, I will keep it short. It is because of people (I mean Americans) like you that Americans are hated across the world and it is people like you who caused September 11th. Did it ever occur to you that the rest of the world might not want to grow into the ignorant, self-serving person that you and so many other Americans have devolved into? Your whole column dwells on the fact that all decisions people make are black and white or right and wrong. The U.S. is doing the right thing and everyone else is either wrong and/or uncivilized. I pity you.



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