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…another good Baghdad e-mail. But before I post it, let me ask another ill-informed question: If I’m an Iraqi commander and I know that the U.S. knows where every palace and bunker is, wouldn’t I just pick up and set up shop above the corner grocery, or some similar place?


“Mr Lowry–

You *assume* they are empty– in fact, many of the palaces and government buildings in Iraq are built on top of (reportedly) extensive bunker systems.

Most of the bombing lately indeed appears to have been focused on the outskirts of Baghdad at military targets– when you see the bombs going off downtown, typically that means that our bomb damage assessment showed that we might not have destroyed the underground command & control facilities from where the Iraqis are running this war. Nothing is lost to go back and hit the target again until that particular site quiets down. In the meantime, it also gives the folks at CNN something to fill their screen in between clips from Al Jazeera. Remember, shock and awe is aimed at the Iraqi commanders who, no matter how hard they try, can’t get orders to their men. It’s not aimed at public consumption. And trust me, the Republican Guard is getting hit so hard they’ll vote Democratic in 2004.”


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