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Hey, At Least He’s Honest, Sort Of

From a reader:

Dear Mr. Goldberg;

Look, none of us that support Kerry are the least bit concerned about his

so-called flip-flops on Iraq. Our loathing of George Bush–his personality,

his politics, and his crackpot religiosity–has made us pragmatists one and


Sure, Kerry supported the war. He had to. Three fourths of the country at

that time actually thought Saddam Hussein committed 9-11. And the war

itself would be a probable cakewalk.

Miss the boat on two straight feel-good cakewalks, you can say bye-bye to

any chance of being elected President. And Kerry, famously, wants to be

President. But we all know he did not REALLY support the war, and we all

know it would NEVER have happened on his watch.

Does that make him–and us– cynical? Sure. But no more cynical than the

Bush administration’s slimy, deceitful, intentional conflating of Iraq and


Oops, I forgot. Dick Cheney never said anything like that. Perish the

thought. (Here’s a tip for Cheney: If you’re going to be a lying,

insinuating, demagogue, don’t do it with the cameras on).

Thank you. I hope this clears things up.


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