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‘Hey, At Least We’re Not Muslims!’

I mentioned a few years back an instance of the old immigrant game (played by the Irish, Italians, even Armenians) of “look, at least we’re not black”: a Hispanic activist in Charlotte who complained about immigration enforcement:

“It’s tense, very tense,” said Angeles Ortega-Moore, director of the Latin American Coalition in Charlotte. “It used to be everybody here loved the Latinos. They would say, ‘We like you more than the blacks.’ Now we’re like the Big Bad Wolf.”

Well, here’s a different twist on the old argument. An apparently Hispanic writer arguing for amnesty in a small Wisconsin paper ended her column entitled “Hispanic immigrants not the problem” this way:

Let us dispense strict justice upon our real enemies – people like Faisal Shahzad who immigrated here, earned a masters degree, bought a home, and acquired U.S. citizenship … and showed his appreciation for all this by trying to blow up Times Square.

We’re really much better off surrounded by Hispanics.

If someone wrote a column about the problems created by Latin American immigration, ending with “We’re really much better off surrounded by Armenians,” you’d never hear the end of it, and with good reason. But this is apparently okay. In fact, I suspect lots of apologists for mass immigration would like to make this argument explicitly, but refrain because they know it would disrupt their united front with Islamic groups.


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