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Hey, Wasn’t That Big Sweep Supposed to Have Started by Now?

(Thomasaf/Getty Images)

President Trump leaves office in five days.

Those mass arrests that QAnon kept insisting Trump was leading and organizing and that were just around the corner must be starting soon, right?

When the afternoon of January 20 arrives and the Trump presidency ends without mass arrests of celebrities and politicians for child trafficking, the diehard conspiracy believers will find some way to explain it away. But it would be nice if at least some portion of those who bought into the whole worldview would begrudgingly recognize that the anonymous sources alleging a global Satanic cult have been making it up as they go along and have no secret inside information. There is no global sting operation, forces are not moving into place, and the storm is not coming.

The wealthy and powerful creeps that have come to the public’s attention in recent years, such as Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, are bad enough as is. There is no sinister cabal of interconnected famous people pulling the strings and manipulating society behind the scenes. Donald Trump is not quietly directing the biggest and most complicated and far-reaching police operation in human history to catch thousands of diabolical evildoers in the act. (If he had the power, skill, and strategic planning abilities to do that, you figure he would be able to get his infrastructure bill passed through Congress at some point in the past four years.)

It’s just a comet, not a spaceship.


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