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HHS Introduces Video Competition to Promote Obamacare

The Department of Health and Human Services is set to announce a contest today for videos encouraging people to enroll in Obamacare, in conjunction with Young Invincibles, a nonprofit group “represent[ing] the interests of 18 to 34 year-olds” in the health-care debate.

Aspiring Spielbergs can create one of three types of videos for the “Healthy Young America” contest: an animated short, a song, or a film that persuades youth they aren’t “invincible” and need health insurance (one suggestion they offer: “A video showing all the (obviously improbable) situations in which young people can be hurt – a piano falling on your head, an angry eagle soaring into your face, a space alien attack . . . the weirder and more outlandish the better!”). 

The entries will be publicly unveiled on a Young Invincibles website on October 1, the day the health-care exchanges first allow people to sign up, and will be voted on by the public. The creator of the most popular video in each category will win $3,000, while second and third place will net $2,500 each.

The $30,000 being spent on the project apparently does not come from HHS’s Obamacare-promotion budget, but from another fund. The announcement video from the HHS YouTube account:

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