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HHS Mandate ‘Must Not Stand’

John Boehner:

On January 20, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services announced that under President Obama’s health care law, religiously-affiliated institutions in the United States will be required to cover contraceptive benefits in all insurance policies, regardless of whether the provision of such benefits violates their religious beliefs.  I believe that with this action, the Obama administration has violated the religious freedoms of faith-based institutions across America.     

this mandate is not about whether or not we as citizens agree with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Instead it is about insisting our government stay within our Constitutional boundaries.


The rule put forth by the Department of Health & Human Services must not stand.  The Obama Administration must re-evaluate this decision and reverse it.  If it does not, I believe the United States Congress, acting on behalf of the American people, will.  


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