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Hidden Meanings

With the long winter nights drawing in, what NRO readers need is a puzzle to while away the hours. I have just the thing.

I subscribe to The Economist, and the November 21–27 issue arrived in the lunchtime post. The Economist has both text and pictures, of course. Most of the pictures are photographs, but some are little drawings meant to illustrate some point or other. Taken out from the surrounding text, these drawings are often very enigmatic — often teetering on the edge of surrealism, in fact.

Here are three from the current issue. You may either (a) try to figure out what news topic they are illustrating, or (b) supply spoof captions in the manner of the New Yorker weekly competition, or (c) just quietly congratulate yourself on being a wide ocean away from this sort of Brit-journalistic whimsy.

First picture

Second picture

Third picture