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High Culture in the High (or Is It Low?) Desert

Daniel Asia is an American composer and a professor at the University of Arizona. He has been composing Asian music since before it was cool. He is also the founder-director of the U of A’s Center for American Culture and Ideas. In its own words, CACI “celebrates the American intellectual experience, especially the rich legacy of high art, music, and dance, and the philosophical principles of the founding of America,” which promote “this flourishing culture.”

CACI will hold its inaugural conference, “The Future of (High) Culture in America,” later this month. For more information, go here. Among the speakers are two worthies whom we NR types know well: Terry Teachout and Carol Ianonne.

It used to be, when I thought of the University of Arizona, I thought of Lute Olson and basketball. Now I think of Dan Asia and high culture.


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