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There Is a Spook in Their Midst

It’s 1954, Stalin has finally kicked the bucket, and a US-British plot to liberate a Soviet satellite country comes to a disastrous end. It’s been jinxed. Because of a mole. The hero of Bill Buckley’s famous novels – Blackford Oakes – has got to find the leak and plug it. Fast.

Interested in a great summer read? Then avail yourself to one of the 20 copies we have of the first-edition hardcover of this terrific 1986 novel (of it, Publishers Weekly said “Buckley’s ingenious plot and linguistic ballet show him in top form”). I don’t know how these copies of High Jinx survived our last move, but they aren’t coming with us to NR’s forthcoming new HQ. So let’s let our downsizing become your opportunity. Admittedly, they’re not pristine. But these copies are in pretty good condition, and heck, they were Bill’s own, if sentiment means anything to you (and it ought to). Get one – we’ll let them go for $15 a copy, which includes free shipping and handling, and we’ll toss in one of those groovy NR flag-flying lapel pins too. Order here.