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This is not a parody. From yesterday’s coverage of the rogue plane incident on yesterday’s Inside Politics:

WOODRUFF: Today’s security alert as seen by the blogosphere; up next, our blog reporters gather online reaction to the day’s unusual events here in Washington.

The inhabitants of the blogosphere are weighing in on today’s security scare here in Washington. Let’s check in now with CNN political producer Abbi Tatton and Jacki Schechner, our blog reporter. Hi, Jacki.


Yes, D.C. area bloggers were picking up on the news as it was happening today. But, once word came out the immediate security threat was over, so was much of the conversation. We do want to point out how the group blog The Corner handled it at National Review online, that’s John [Podhoretz] writes, over there, stop blogging about Macaulay Culkin to say that the Washington area had been evacuated, the Capitol and the White House. Specifically, Jonah Goldberg asking if there’s anything he should know, and clearly, by 12:20, the conversation had gone back to pop culture. So, very quick handling over there at The Corner.

Thank goodness they’re covering all angles of the story!


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