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Hilarious & Shame On Hbo

Naomi Wolf was on the Ali G show and HBO is refusing to run the interview. Funny how Maureen Dowd missed this yesterday too. Here’s the full story from Ananova:

Feminist writer Naomi Wolf has reportedly called in lawyers after being the victim of a spoof interview with Ali G.

She claims she was used for racist humour, after the comic accosted her at a hotel in New York for his new US chat show.

It is thought Wolf was furious when Ali – alias Sacha Baron Cohen – boasted to her that he called his girlfriend, Julie, bitch in bed.

And he got her to rap: “Yo, yo, don’t be sexist, I’ll let you ride in my Lexus.”

He then asked the author – who writes women’s rights books – if females would ever fly airliners.

She said they already did, and he said: “No, not the people who hand out the peanuts, but sitting in the pilot’s seat.”

Ali also joked that if women were given equal rights at work, “they’ll want them at home”.

US network HBO has decided not to screen the interview, according to The Sun.


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