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A Hill Staffer Protests

An e-mail:

The Corner seems to be a bit schizoid today… On the one hand, John McCain, who stands for smaller government and lower spending, is bemoaned as a non-conservative. On the other hand, House Republicans are chided for participating in a big spending farm bill boondoggle and not being conservative enough. So let me get this straight…One of the principal definitions of a conservative is that he believes in smaller government.Yet John McCain is not a conservative. Let’s see how the nominee votes on the conference report. Will he get any credit from Rush and Levin if he votes against it? I’m not holding my breath.

Yes, McCain may vote right when it hits the Senate one last time. The porkbuster should. Yes, that’s a good position. But that doesn’t eradicate other positions and comments and instincts of his.

Serious conservatives aren’t voting for the Democrat. But listening to talk-radio callers and reading my e-mails, it’s clear to me there’s a danger they stay home out of frustration and a sense there is no real conservative leader running.

UPDATE: Mark Levin, on air, in response:

Activist big government takes many forms.

Here are a few


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