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Hillary: America Must ‘Respect,’ ‘Empathize with’ Our Enemies

At a Georgetown University event promoting female leadership in foreign conflicts and international relations, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton said women should push America to “respect” and “empathize with” its enemies. 

Clinton spoke Wednesday about the benefits of “smart power,” something she said women are uniquely positioned to deploy. The front-runner Democratic nominee for 2016 explained that it meant “showing respect, even for one’s enemies; trying to understand and, insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.”

The language echoes that of candidate Obama in 2007, when he talked of “direct diplomacy” with the United States’ mortal enemies. By speaking of sympathy and tolerance for American adversaries, Clinton may be seeking to quell left-wing criticism that her foreign-policy views are too hawkish for a Democratic presidential nominee.


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